So, last weekend, the forecast was a predicted ice-apocalypse for SWOK. Today, we're getting rain and cold temps, but beyond that, roads are acceptably OK, and the knee-jerk reactions that shut Lawton/Fort Sill down are a hilarious memory.

Forecasting the weather has to be one of the hardest, thankless jobs on this planet. A meteorologists job is to predict the future. Sure, there's a lot of technical computer models and data to pour through, but nobody can predict a perfect future.

Looking around the web, it seems weather pro's all around the region are taking the brunt of peoples frustrations. As if a solid few years of accurate forecasts can be undone by one shifting weather pattern. It's got to be tough.

So Lawton didn't get the hammer like we all expected, but around the state, the icy weather is a little too real.

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