I'm pretty sure that we've talked about this before, but in case, a little refresher for you...

Lawton has run out of room to grow in the directions people want to expand. With Cache to the West running a tight border with Lawton, Fort Sill to the North, and several communities to the East, the only direction Lawton can grow is South.

City planners already know this too. They've been putting in infrastructure for a few years to the South. The really nice, new, smooth roads to the McMansion neighborhoods... a brand new trendy-looking fire station down on Bishop... and an expansion horizon that goes on until you hit Faxon. South is where it's at these days.

Since everything is spreading that way, companies are looking to strike while the prices are relatively affordable. One of the first new businesses going in South is an announced new Taco Bell at the corner of 38th and Lee Boulevard, and it has everyone wondering if Taco Bell knows what the average person will find at that intersection pretty much all day, every day of the year...

TSM Lawton: Critter
TSM Lawton: Critter

If you haven't driven that way in recent memory, let me remind you... There's a familiar, pungent, and potent odor of raw sewage that has existed at that intersection, at least since I moved here in 2006. It's like living inside the fence at the paper mill.

Why in the world would a restaurant want to serve food in the ambiance of rotting human waste?

Then again, if you've ever smelled the watery slick coming out of the ground behind Luigi's Express and still walked into Buffalo Wild Wings for a quick two-hour lunch, maybe you're used to it.

In all fairness, the city has a crew down in that stretch of road currently installing what looks like new sewage pipe, and the Lawton sewer rehab project is ongoing like the farmers market that's due to open Summer 2020... Will the hard work of these dedicated civil employees mean the end of smelling poo as you drive by the Neighborhood Market?

Time will tell.

Something tells me if it were as simple as installing some green pipe, it would have been done decades ago.

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