Recently we've started to compile a list of awesome things to put in our will, like having strippers at our funeral. While it might seem like a weird death request, all we really want is to go out with a bang, and it turns out a lady over in Serbia understands our logic.

Before Milena Marinkovic died, she began prepping instructions for her husband Milan to follow when the time came to bite the dust. In general this is a pretty standard practice, except Milena had one dying wish that was more important than anything else: she didn't want her husband to check out any other lady vaginas. Ever. So how does a lady make sure her man never forgets her box,  after she's buried in one? She get a sculpture made of her vag, of course!

Marinkovic's post-mortem instructions included a request for a sculpture of her vagina to be made and put on her tombstone. The thing is, not all love tacos look alike. Luckily, the lady thought ahead and took pictures down south as a reference for her husband, and and the unfortunate obliging sculptor.

Did we mention the widower is 72 years old? That means Mrs. Marinkovic's cooch has no doubt been through the ringer, and the tombstone most likely looks like a grossly mangled mess.

All weirdness aside, the thought of having a big D ornament on our graves is pretty awesome, so we've got a call in to our estate lawyers.

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