Apparently, in New York City, when a female filmmaker was told they weren't allowed to go topless by authorities, they decided they'd fight for equality of that gender-specific right.

They started what is called the "Free The Nipple" campaign. And the premise is soundly legit. All mammals are born with nipples, why is it illegal to bare half of them in this country? So they fought the good fight and took this matter all the way to the 10th Circuit Court of Appeals in Fort Collins, Colorado. It was in that court that women were declared to have equal nippular rights in the six states that participated... Utah, Colorado, Wyoming, New Mexico, Kansas, and Oklahoma.

That means that if a woman so desires to shed her top, she has every right to do so. Ironically, with the exception of Colorado, the other five states are pretty conservative and consider exposing the female chest to be perverse. If you've ever spent time with the older generations, they typically just have that "You've seen one pair, you've seen 'em all" mentality.

That doesn't mean women are going to magically start going topless. At least, in all expectations, those you do see won't be those you had envisioned encountering in the wild.

Is it taboo? Eh... We live in the most technologically advanced time in the history of any species. Seeing a boob in public isn't corrupting kids like it would have thirty years ago. By the time your kids hit fifth grade, they've seen all the internet has to offer whether you know it or not, and odds are, it was on your phone. If you are worried how your kids will react, set the pace by not reacting at all, or being so nonchalant that they won't think anything of it either. Attitude is contagious, if you don't react, they won't either.

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