Oklahoma is no stranger to the strange and weird weather phenomena, particularly when it comes to the odd spins Mother Nature puts on our legendary tornadoes.

We've had quakenadoes, tigernadoes, and at least once an icenado... now Oklahoma can officially adopt a new spin on our legendary twisters, the snownado... when a winter blizzard forms a tornado of swirling, violent snow and ice.

As much as it sounds like it came straight out of a Hollywood screenplay, it's an ultra-rare thing to see, and Oklahoma experienced it in last week's snow event.

I would share the video of it here for you to see, but the weather chasers that captured it are a couple of uppity Texan buttholes that have marked it "Not For Embedding On Websites" for the masses to share in the awe of natures rarest fury.


As much as it sounds like something only Oklahoma's weather could come up with, it's far more common in other places of the world, but the snownadoes that happen in Oklahoma are much different than the snownadoes that happen in other parts of the world...

A little over a week ago, a freak snowstorm hit the Mediterranean country of Greece. Not that snow doesn't happen in Greece, but very rarely to the extent it did. As such, they experienced eight different "snownadoes" throughout the storm... but they're not really snow-tornadoes as we would call them in mid-America... They're waterspouts that form in really cold weather.

The cold freezes the waterspout, it descends as a spinning mass of ice and snow. Waterspouts can be dangerous, but in the grand scheme of twisters, they might as well be dirt-devils.

As a matter of fact, while they're slanged as "snownadoes," the correct terminology for them is "Winter Waterspout" - AKA - Snow Devil or Snowspouts...

An Oklahoma snownado is different in the sense that it starts as a tornado, then the available precipitation cools so rapidly in the churning wind, ice and snow form in the storm as it does what any other tornado does... Given the cold temperatures, they're rarely of any worrying size on the Enhanced Fujita (EF) Scale, but still, ice tornadoes...

At this point, still about twenty-four hours shy of the rumored start of a Braum's DEF-CON1 level winter weather threat to Southwest Oklahoma, the predictions still vary from mild to wild on what effect the weather is going to have on us in this part of the country.

Ice and freezing rain estimates from a trace amount to almost a full inch... Predicted snow totals from one inch upwards to one foot... Nobody knows.

Even the most highly respected weather experts just don't know what's going to happen.

Here's hoping you've already got your milk and bread...

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