How many times have you driven out to the Wichita Mountains? I'm probably in the thousands at this point in my time spent living in Southwest Oklahoma. While sometimes taking I-44 up to the Medicine Park exit is the general route to go, it's far more convenient for me to drive Highway 62 out to Cache and enter the mountains there from the South. As most of my fishing holes are West of the actual refuge, I take that route quite often. At least twice a week for some 15 years. In all of my time driving that way, I never once noticed there's a cabin resort right off the highway... Did you?

Here's the thing, there's been a colorful collective of tiny structures out on that stretch of Highway 115 for a few years. In fact, I guarantee you've noticed it yourself and thought "I wonder what that's going to be?" as evident in this 2019 Google Maps Streetview Pic.


And this is what it looks like today.


In talking about it in passing with people over the years, everyone was convinced it would be some sort of Wichita Mountains trinket trading post shop. A place to get overpriced souvenirs and the like to mark your visit to the mountains. Now, it's a full-fledged collective of cabins for rent. Each one of those doors is the entrance to a private cabin. Set just two and a half-ish miles from the Wichita Mountains entrance, it's one of those small things that has people now wondering "Why didn't I think to do that?"

The amenities include front porch sitting, a fire pit, easy access to the mountains, wifi, and the best part... Each cabin is only $85 a night. That's cheaper than pretty much any hotel you'd want to stay in over here in Lawton. Big family bonus, you can rent all five cabins to sleep up to sixteen people. That's awesome.

While The Lazy Buffalo Cabins have some reviews, the website shows that they're opening soon. Even if you just want to get away for a weekend, this is close enough to enjoy home, but far away enough to really be away on the cheap. Here's the official website.