The internet is a wonderful thing. It lets you find interesting people like John Townsend. A chef with a heavy influence on early American dishes. He's spent years making dishes from as far back as 1650. While he'll pick something out of a mid-1700's cookbook, he'll also venture as far as the early 1800's. I've tried a few of them, they always turn out pretty wild. Usually the taste hits the far ends of the spectrum. Either really good or really bad.

Tack biscuits are not for the light hearted.

While I haven't tried this particular recipe yet, I've had his other two versions of fried chicken, and they turned good. Took a little heavy cayenne to make it beyond awesome.

If you're they type of guy that doesn't cook, become the type of guy that cooks. It's raw meat, iron, and fire. There's nothing more manly than that.

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