Just when you thought Hollywood was running out of ideas, they go off and create a fresh breath of wood destroying super-monsters! Zombie Beavers!

Straight from the producers of cult classics like American Pie, We're The Millers, Cabin Fever, and super-creepy horror flick The Ring... Zombeavers was released into theaters years ago, but quickly hit the rental/streaming services because it is a truly terrible horror flick... AKA - the kind of horror movie I enjoy from time to time.

The basis is simple. A bunch of teenagers rent a cabin adjacent to a den of zombie beavers. A traditionally "bad" horror movie hero/guide shows up with a warning, all hell breaks loose, people start dying, and a select few start turning into beaver-human hybrids... They had me at 'Zombie Beavers.'

I love a good poorly put together slasher flick. It conjures modern classics like Zombie Strippers, Dead Snow, or my personal favorite Tucker & Dale vs Evil.

I don't know exactly where this movie is streaming these days, but you have to see it. It'll give us something to talk about when 2020 kicks off the next apocalyptic event.

Also, if you're down to binge some bad movies, here's a quick list of those available on Prime and Netflix...

Bubba The Redneck Werewolf
Night Of The Wererooster
Killer Fish
Sharkansas Womens Prison Massacre
Shark Exorcist
and another personal favorite, Velocipastor.

You sit down to enjoy any one of those movies, you'll be sure to walk away thinking "WTF was that?" Goes to show, in terms of entertainment, you can't beat a bad movie.


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