If you're looking for a job, career change or maybe thinking of trying something completely different this may be for you. A California winery is looking to hire someone off the internet and pay them $120,000 to drink wine and learn about the wine business. For some this may be the perfect job, possibly an answer to a prayer. It's no joke, hoax or stunt. The Murphy Goode Winery in Sonoma County, California wants to move you to California, pay you $10,000 a month, set you up in a free place to live and give you 30 cases of wine to drink.

So exactly how does one get this dream job and opportunity of a lifetime? All you have to do is submit a video on their official website. Tell them a little bit about yourself and why you want the job. Well, other than the obvious reasons, money an tons and tons of FREE WINE! You'll have until the end of June to submit your information and video. While there's plenty of other businesses and companies offering dream jobs as a stunt online, Murphy Goode Winery is actually offering the real deal! Imagine yourself in Sonoma wine country living rent free, earning an annual salary of $120,000 and doing wine tastings everyday. Plus learning all about the industry from some of the very best.  This could be a dream come true!

Now if there was only a firearm or ammunition manufacturer looking to hire someone to spend their days shooting 1000's of rounds trying out new loads and guns I'd be first in line. That would be my all time dream job. Hell, I wouldn't even need a free place to live or a six figure salary. I'd be willing to do it much cheaper!

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