Airport security is no joke! I don't fly a lot but even I know that the last people you want to screw with, or try to joke around with is airport security. Well a guy at LAX (Los Angeles International Airport) found out the hard way! He thought it would be a good idea to ignore the security checkpoints and keep walking despite being told repeatedly to stop. Turns out a taser stops a person dead in their tracks!

Now this idiot will forever be immortalized online for his stupidity! Everyone will get to laugh at his "fish on land" impersonation while being jolted by a taser. Hope he learned a lesson, although I doubt it. I've only had a few brief encounters with airport security. The funniest one I can remember was when the family and I were going to Disneyland.

We were all set to fly out of Dallas airport and had made it through all the check ins and security. We only had a few minutes before boarding and a security officer came up to me and said I'd been randomly selected for an additional security screening/search.

I really didn't think too much about it and said sure no problem. He took me to a partitioned section near boarding and had me remove my hat, then my shirt and started laughing when he saw my under shirt.

I didn't realize it at the time but everything I had on said "Glock" on it. My hat, shirt and t-shirt. We both started laughing and I said "randomly selected?" He asked if I worked for Glock and I said no, just a fan. He was really cool and we both got a laugh. Funny when you follow the rules and listen to security you don't get tased!

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