When you're traveling the smaller roads between point A and B, every globetrotter can get a sense of comfort and satisfaction in the often questionable hot food they'll find at the gas stations along the way.

95% of the time, the hot food is something deep-fried and hot as lava on the inside. It'll likely contain your entire days worth of sodium and cholesterol, but gas station food is all about fueling the body as well as the soul.

While I'll fully admit my personal love for chewy gas station pizza, there is one convenient store menu item that stands tall above all. The humble and once-cheap gas station burrito.


It's a trend that was born in the 70s when a value-conscious customer would pick a plastic-wrapped burrito out of the cold case, pop it in the microwave, pay his 59¢ at the register, and have that first bite of molten satisfaction.

The times and prices may have changed, but you can't deny that even in a time of open-air hot dogs and gringo-taquitos, the gas station burrito is still king.

One burrito to rule them all.

No disrespect to Southern California and its monster burritos, but the king of burritos came from New Mexico when an Allsup's employee tossed a microwave burrito into the doughnut fryer, creating the world's first fried gas station burrito.

To say people are in love with these little burritos would be an understatement. Texans take their Allsup's burritos particularly seriously, some wild people even going as far as to have a beef & been burrito dinner for prom or even having Allsup's cater their weddings.

The world's best burritos may not be two-for-a-dollar anymore, but Allsup's is celebrating the invention of this beloved snack for the next calendar year.

The next time you're traveling through Altus, Frederick, or any tiny two-lane Texas highway between now and then, pop into an Allsup's and grab their burrito anniversary special. Details in store.

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