Ok, kill may be a seriously strong word, maybe irritate you to distraction would be a better way to describe what certain clothing manufacturers are doing in both women's and men's clothing.  I'm talking specifically about those bothersome metallic tags.

We talked about this on the show this morning.  In fact, I was so distracted that I almost missed the song!  Really, many clothing manufacturers have smartened up and have started just printing the tags directly on the back of the neck.  That works! But how do you survive those tags on the side.  I just cannot stand them.  I will nearly destroy a garment to get it off.  I've even used masking tape to tape over the remain tads of tag that you can't cut out because you'd cut the seam out with it!

Seriously, who thinks it ok to put what amounts to a brillo pad at the nape of your neck or on your stomach?  Who does that?  Obviously, I'm not the only one.  People around the world are painstakingly taking it upon themselves to remove the aggravating tags, even the vinyl ones that tend to crack and peel after a few washes.  Here is a how-to video so you'll know just how easy that process is.

Something must be done! Where is a petition to sign to stop this evil practice! Don't even get me started about the ones on the side either!

What about you?  Do those tags make you crazy as well?  Take this quick poll!

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