These days, armed robbery of armored cars and banks are pretty rare. More often than not, when attempted, the criminals are usually either killed on the spot or caught within hours or days... That's not the case here in Greenwood Village, Colorado.

As this Brinks armored car employee runs out currency from a Colorado bank, three masked individuals hop out of a Nissan SUV wielding firearms looking for a score. Knowing that money is replaceable and insured, the Brinks employee does what anyone in that situation should... Give them the money. They don't harass the female employee, just grab the loot and run. Props to them for being good-guys. (more evidence of good guys, they don't ding the Mercedes in the spot next to them in the chaos)

Here's the rub... It's been twelve days, and these guys are still on the lamb. The FBI don't even have a clue to go on at this point. They're just looking for three men between 5'10"-6' tall, one more heavyset than the other two. They think they have the SUV impounded, but can't tell due to a lack of information. It was just found randomly in a neighborhood, and the neighbors have nothing for officials to go on. A clean getaway.

The real crime is this... Brinks has fired that armored car driver without cause. They've given her no reason (according to her) and now she's at the mercy of the world for saving her own life over saving a little bit of money. How that is OK is beyond me.

Sure, she knew the risks when she signed up for the job, and maybe this is Brinks standard operating practice in the event of a robbery, but if that were the case, they should make it. I'm sure Brinks (or their insurance) is on the line for whatever was taken, but it's just money. In time, I'm sure she'll realize losing this job was probably the best thing for her, because who wants to work for a company that values money above life?

Before my inbox gets flooded with boogaloo patriots and their arm-chair quarterbacking of "She should have..." or "I would have..." blah blah blah... Do me a favor and take one step back from the screen. Pull your dominant hand back as far as you can. Take a leading step forward and punch yourself in the face. Odds are, you'd do the same thing, and you'd be smart in doing so.

If they do get picked up, I'll let you know. Those mug shots had better be fire.

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