How many times have you, or one of your friends, come up with an insanely stupid idea? Ours was bolting seatbelts to a car hood, then pulling it through the snow behind a truck. It was a ton of fun, until that beast flipped over. It was a hard lesson to learn, but you'll never forget how unfun it is to be a snow sled.

Enter the Barbie Jeep Racing club.

There is absolutely no telling what kind of conversation started this, but I'd almost bet it was one of those 'Hold my beer' moments. Lots of alcohol, a little bit of boredom, and a random Barbie Jeep someone stowed away at the campsite. Maybe "Bubba" wanted to prove how good an off-roader he was, preparing to prove it was driving talent beyond the capabilities of the rig. Doesn't much matter, it's a thing now... and if it keeps building the crowd like it has been, it might land in prime time then next time ESPN has an Ocho takeover.

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