The only thing better than having a firearm with one barrel is having one with eight! Behold the Tippman Armory 9mm gatling gun in all it's wondrous glory. I never realized until now how much I need one of these in my life. Think of all the practical uses this could bring to everyday life. From awesome trips to the range, home defense, the sure to eventually happen zombie apocalypse and the "I've got a cooler gun than you" factor alone is worth the sticker price. Plus look at those off road tires, what a package!

There's a ton of cool factor with this gun but the fact that it takes factory Glock 9mm magazines is awesome. But it gets even better, you can load this baby up with the drum mags as well. Talk about EPIC! The Tippmann Armory TG-900 9mm gatling is based off the classic gatling we all know and love. It's roots are traced back to 1861 when Richard Jordan Gatling invented one of the most iconic firearms in history.

There's something about hand cranking round after round and seeing those barrels rotate. It's an amazing sight and even better if you're the one cranking. Look at the smiles on the faces in the video, that says it all! Plus it's not considered a machine gun since the firearm has to be manually cranked so you can legally own one and not stress about all the NFA Class 3 issues that come with owning other regulated firearms.

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