This has to be one of the greatest local Super Bowl commercials ever done! A roofing company in Baton Rouge, LA. Geaux Roof brings back the memories of the Budweiser "Wazzup" commercial with mastery!

Usually the local adds during the game are either boring or so poorly done you almost feel bad for them. In an attempt to be cleaver or funny they come off looking like complete idiots. Some are even cringe worthy, they're that bad. But every now and then a local business does a commercial that's as good or better than the National ones. Such is the case with Geaux Roof. If I lived in Baton Rouge, Louisiana and was in need of some roofing they'd be the only ones I'd call. They seem like they'd be a blast to have around!

There were some pretty good commercials this year during the Super Bowl, a lot better than last year anyway. Most would say that all the Tide commercials were the best and won the best commercial award. Now if they can just keep people from eating the pods! I liked the Jeep commercial and seeing Gordon Ramsay voice the Amazon Alexa, EPIC!

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