So Burger King Mexico has released their new hot burger across their country. It's made with habanero peppers, a touch of mango, and it has all the tourists sweating. At least that's what the ad portraits. And if you look online, there are a ton of people calling shenanigans on BK-Mexico because it's "Making fun of Americans."

That is just ridiculous.

It's honestly one of the most hilarious (albeit long) commercials I've run across since the chunky milk ad that cell phone company that's probably already bankrupt put out last February.

Making fun of Americans...

Isn't the world filled with enough impotent rage? Haven't we had our fill of political correctiveness? (if you can pronounce it, it's a word) Why are people going out of their way to be outraged over something they can't even take a swing at? Are they really going to go to Cancun, spend a bunch of money, and risk being a legit murder statistic just to take on a spicy burger from, arguably, the worlds worst burger maker? It doesn't make sense to me.

If you're outraged at the hilariousness of it, please, by all means, go ahead and put your money where your principals are. The rest of us will continue with locally sourced copycat recipes.

I mean, I won't. I don't even like habanero peppers or the taste of mango. I'm a Scotch Bonnet man myself, and everything (except toothpaste) goes good with citrus.

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