Electronic cigarettes are growing in popularity for people that wish to cut back on their smoking or try to kick the habit all together. As many of you know our very own Critter uses these e-cigs and vapor devices and it has even done wonders for him on quitting.

However, many businesses, public buildings and even universities are beginning to ban the use of e-cigs and vaping devices.

In 2011, Cameron University became a tobacco free campus meaning that students, faculty and staff were no longer allowed to smoke on campus. If people wanted to smoke they would normally walk across the street near the railroad tracks or the churches for their smoke break.

With e-cigs, people no longer had to walk across the street, they could stay on campus since the smoking devices were not using actual tobacco.

Now the question is: "Why is Cameron University banning these popular devices if no tobacco is being used?"

To clarify, Cameron is not outright banning the use of these devices, more along the lines of restricting their use.

In fact, this restriction was issued back on Sept 9., when Vice President for Student Services Jennifer Holland sent out a mass email to Cameron students, faculty and staff stating:

"It has recently come to our attention that e-cigarettes and other similar devices are being used inside campus facilities.  We have received a number of questions and concerns related to these devices.  The purpose of this email is to provide direction for the use of e-cigarettes on campus.

Many of these devices emit a vapor that can be disruptive to the learning environment, and insufficient research exists on the impact of these vapors on others.  As a result, e-cigarettes and other similar devices ARE NOT allowed inside campus facilities – housing, buildings, classrooms, university vehicles, etc."

As of right now people are allowed to use the smoking devices on campus as long as they are used outside of the universities buildings.

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) currently has inadequate research on the continued use of e-cigarettes. Is is unknown if the devices actually cause any harm or have any ill side-effects. The FDA is however working on legislation where these devices will be considered a tobacco product.

Holland stated to student-run publication 'The Cameron Collegian' that they are currently working on whether these devices will fall under their tobacco policy or if they will allow their use as long as people remain outside when using them.

Now as a Cameron University student myself I don't find any issue or problem with my fellow peers using their vaping devices or e-cigarettes on campus as long as it's outside. I also really don't much care if they do it inside either, but I do see with the many flavors they come in, that these smells could be distracting to peers during the learning process.

Keep in mind I am not a "smoker" but have smoked before, I also don't use any of the e-cigs but have tried them. I am not a person that is against smoking. I do not care if you smoke or not it is habit that you as a citizen of these United States choose to do. Each individual person has their little stress relievers to relax. If that is what helps you relax, then vape on my fellow knowledge-seeker, vape on.