After the release date of Oct. 30 for Cradle of Filth’s upcoming tenth studio album ‘The Manticore and Other Horrors’ was announced last week, the band has now unveiled the cover art. Matthew Vickerstaff of Darkwaveart created the artwork for the record that was recorded at Springvale and Grindstone studios in Suffolk, England.

The sound of ‘The Manticore and Other Horrors’ is described as the band’s traditional orchestration, but incorporating a heavier and faster New Wave of British Heavy Metal punk vibe. Frontman Dani Filth talked about the album in a recent blog post.

“There is little point describing the new tracks as such as it’s downright obvious that the usual cliches of ‘it’s our best one yet.’ It’s much harder, darker, faster’ (been there, done that) and ‘this is going back to our roots’ may well apply,” writes Filth. “Just be aware that, if anything, the album has a definite ‘Midian’ vibe to it, insomuch that it isn’t a conceptual album full tilt but more like lots of fabulous little satellites orbiting a main overarching theme. And that theme on this particular slay-ride is one of demons and monsters, both personal and world-enslaving, and the music peoples it perfectly.”

Filth also writes, “Musically we have tried new things, expanding on our ever-increasing canon to greater, more unbiblical effect with all instruments. Hence the music is unique, almost experimental in its dark places, but at heart still the Cradle Of Filth people have come to know, love and hate!”

Cradle of Filth have some European tour dates planned for November and December.

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