Odds are, if you've seen crickets on your grocery store shelves lately, they've come from Vietnam. They're considered a delicacy all over Asia, but haven't quite caught on in America yet. Because, well, we don't typically eat bugs... At least we don't knowingly eat bugs.

Odds are, if you eat any kind of nut butter, chocolate, or soda, you're eating and drinking bugs, bug parts, rodent hair and droppings. It's not a guarantee that you are, but judging by the FDA's list of acceptable foreign materials and objects in food, you're bound to eat some questionable stuff at some point. So why not just take on the cricket challenge? They've been selling in America for a while, mostly at hipster "twice the normal price" type outlets, but even Amazon is getting in on selling crickets as a protein packed snack.

So hear me out. I'm not saying you should eat bugs, but I'll try it if you do. Order some up for a little family holiday fun. It's bound to be one moment everyone will remember.

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