Oh no – here goes my fav. Saturday night activity – shopping for love potions on eBay – NOT! eBay just announced that starting on August 30 the company is banning the sales of spells, magic potions, prayers, curses and more!


You better stock up now on ‘white magic protection spell,’ ‘haunted love desire potion,’  ‘powerful and fast love potion,’ and the list goes on and on.

I had no idea some of these even existed, but it appears that they do and there is a huge demand for some of it. Just visit eBay and type in the search bar 'spells' you get more than 465 results! I am a bit scared to think that someone sits behind the computer and orders a curse on eBay!

People are upset with the announcement some are even calling it ‘discriminatory.’ There is even a petition circling around called ‘“Don’t Ban Our Psychics,” signed by more than 800 people so far. eBay are you sure you want to pick a fight with people who cast a curse for a living? C’mon pick your battles better.

One member wrote on the auction website: ‘eBay bans alternative religious items. But! Not for Christians. Holy water and other sundry ‘holy’ items are discriminately allowed. … Hm. Let me get this straight. Some guy in Rome wearing long robes can wave his hand over some water and imbue it with something, and then it’s very ‘powerful?’ How is that different from any other magical item previously sold on ebay?…”

Wow – needless to say that one buys a lot of potions! Do you think eBay is discriminating by upholding their ban?

[Source: ABC News]


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