The most common Spring Break theme I heard from my friends and family this year was right on point with what most of Oklahoma is experiencing right now.

Most Okies either can't afford to have fun in this economy or everything affordable has been done to the point your family has been there/done that and not looking for a repeat.

Since everyone is looking for something different, affordable, and fun, that's normally a really tall order. You can imagine all three of those options in a ven diagram instructing you to pick two, but here's something for the whole family that hits all three right here in Oklahoma.

Go experience some of the oldest interactive Oklahoma history at the Mountain Man Camp in Bartlesville.

Woolaroc is the world-famous legacy left behind by Phillips 66 founder Frank Phillips. He grew up in a time when Oklahoma was still wild. By the time he made his mark on this state, he romanced the wild pre-statehood culture so much he spent a big chunk of his fortune preserving it.

What still stands today is a practical living museum of some of the finest examples of wild Oklahoma you could ever lay your eyes upon.

Every Spring, Woolaroc hosts what they call the Spring Traders Encampment. It's a period-correct experience of roughing it the same way traders, trappers, and natives did in the 1840s.


Buckskin clothes, primitive shoes, teepee tents, meals of freshly harvested meats cooked over a real fire. There's also a snack shack with all the chicken tendies your kids will want too.

The Mountain Man Camp is currently open now if you want to learn how to shoot black powder rifles or skin an animal. The Spring Traders Encampment is happening now through September, every Wednesday through Sunday during the remainder of the school year, expanding to include Tuesday when summer break hits.

If you're looking for a quick, fascinating, and very immersive family-friendly getaway, this, along with the entirety of Woolaroc would be something to experience. Here's all the information.

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