If it snuck up on you like it did me, know this... today, July 21st, 2021 is National Hot Dog Day in America. A day we set aside to consume the leftover parts of animals ground up and pumped into tube shaped sausages, isn't it grand! I don't care what's in a hot dog, it's delicious, and everyone should celebrate this truly American food at least one day each year.

Before you challenge me on it being an American food, frankfurters have been around since the 1200's yes... but nobody put them in a roll until Coney Island opened in the mid-1800's... so yeah, the humble modern day hot dog is 100% American.

While there are usually a ton of deals to be found for National Hot Dog Day, like the dollar coneys Sonic usually offers, Fort Sill is stepping it up to offer everyone two free hot dogs until they run out. If you find yourself on post today, you might join in the celebration and stop by the bowling alley or the golf course and have yourself a couple of dogs.

The only debate worthy of this holiday is this... What do you put on your dog? A lot of people swear that mustard is the only acceptable condiment for a wiener, but that's just crazy. There are so many things you can top a dog with and plain nuclear yellow mustard is just boring. Toss a pickle spear on there, maybe a little ketchup... and yes, ketchup goes with a hot dog like ice cream and chocolate. Nothing wrong with that at all. I'm a chili and cheese fan personally, but to each their own. There's no wrong way to celebrate this national American holiday.

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