How many times have you thought 'I need a bar.' but you don't have the space? I've got no shame, I said that exact phrase at least twice a year for the last fifteen years or so. A dedicated space for a drink, full of master-craftsman machismo! It would be epic, but like most, I've never had the space, and often rented my dwelling. Enter this dudes brilliant design.

It's a compact cabinet that folds out a full size bar! Big enough for a few friends, but small enough to fit anywhere, and take it with you when you move. Now, admittedly, if you decide to work this out for your pad in walnut ply and solid strips, it'll most likely be the nicest and most expensive piece of furniture in your house... but there's no shame in being thrifty with maple and a little edge banding, or even crap wood with a good coat of paint. If you build it yourself, you can rule over materials and style all you want.

So the next time you think you need a bar, but don't have the room, go back and study this. It can be done. And if you like seeing projects like this, go ahead and check out Michael Alm on YouTube. He does really interesting stuff.

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