I'm still not 100% sure I'm going to try this yet, but as bad as some of my old records sound what do I have to lose? I've never heard of using wood glue to restore records. If you're like me, old and have a rather large collection of vinyl this might be the answer we've been looking for. Due to age and damage there's a lot of records in my collection I'd like to play again but they sound awful. Sure there's a purest side that likes to hear some of the crackle and pops, but when that's all you hear forget it.

There's something about playing vinyl and hearing your favorite album on record that just feels right. There's a lot of good times and memories wrapped up in them. I would spend hours and hours listening and looking at the album covers, back when artwork and packaging mattered. Reading all the liner notes and lyrics and envisioning myself being front row at a concert. I've about worn out all my favorites, but I think I'll try this trick out and use wood glue to restore the sound of them. I'll try it out first on a few of my wife's records, after all if it screws up or doesn't work who's gonna miss Debbie Gibson or Wham!

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