SWOK's very own celebrity chef Kent Rollins knows a thing or two about outdoor cooking. Whether it's a dutch oven, grill, or that 400 pound 'Big Bertha' steel stove, he can give you a few tips and tricks to master the weather. Also, you might subscribe to his channel. He's always tossing some ridiculously good recipes out there.

Obviously, with the cold temps, it's going to be tough to get that good sear on a piece of meat. Not to worry, just turn that grill up as far as she'll go. Or raise your coal bed. In the Summer when it's hot, if you need heat, you normally open the grill vents to get that oxygen flowing... Don't do that in cold weather. Don't close it off, but don't run wide open. You'll lose more heat than you can make. Also, don't chose to 'not grill' just because it's cold. That's weak, and it's Spring. Roadhouse.

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