Politics are at a fever pitch, and as most families are comprised of mixed-political beliefs, this is probably what you can expect to some degree. In fact, this is almost exactly how my family does a big family holiday. They'll put on a polite face and bite their tongues for a while, but eventually, someone has to let the other know they're wrong... That's when all hell would break loose, if my family ever did big family holidays like this anymore. (see the above video for why they don't)

But believe me when I say, you can bite your tongue. You can make a big deal or no deal out of anything someone else is saying, you just have to choose to do so. Just do what I do... I understand that ideals and beliefs differ, and as an American first, I respect that. I may not respect the opinion, but I respect that right. Plus, just because you don't respect someone else's beliefs, that doesn't give you parlay to disrespect it either.

Learn this simple trick... When someone is sitting there complaining about something, wait until they let you in for a little response and toss out a simple "Damn, that sucks." Don't add in, pile on, attack or defend. Just a perfect response that lets the other person think you're empathizing with them, when we both know you're patronizing them. It's win/win. If you do end up in the situation where you feel a battle brewing, ask your antagonist about something they're wearing. Odds are, being a family holiday, they're wearing their best... Or in my case, an eighteen year old OU National Championship tshirt because my family is full of dirty Sooner fans.

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