Stripper poles have been helping the barely legal afford college for years, but now a Canadian dance school says it plans to start offering minors the opportunity to take pole-dancing classes as early as five years old, walking a controversial line between suitable and inappropriate.

However, Kristy Craig of Duncan’s Twisted Grip Dance and Fitness Studio says there is absolutely nothing unsuitable about it.

"There is nothing provocative. There is nothing sexual about it … It's pure fitness and strength and fun. I mean kids love climbing trees. They will climb anything."

While Duncan’s fitness studio appears to be full of good intentions, some parents might be concerned that a pole traditionally used to tease old men out of all their money might serve as a negative influence on their children.

Still, Craig claims she already has four kids signed up to take part in her Little Spinners pole dancing class, one of whom is a boy.

With children as young as seven slated to compete in the upcoming National Pole Dancing Championships in Russia, it appears as if it will not be long until pole dancing is being accepted as a sport all over the world.

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