How much would you pay for a bottle of water? Two dollars? Five dollars? Maybe $20? How about $60,000 for a bottle of water?

This bottled water called Acqua Di Cristallo "Tributo a Modigliani" made by Paolo di Verachi, Guinness world record holder of the 'World's Most Expensive Tequilla and Cognac Bottles.'

What makes this bottle of water so expensive? The price tag mainly comes from the bottle itself. The glass bottle is hand made and covered in 24-karat gold and the artwork is based of of late Italian artist Amedeo Clemente Modigliani. This bottled water is a tribute of his work.

The water itself is a mix of natural spring water from Fiji and France and also contains actual glacier water from Iceland. Each bottle also has 5mg of sprinkled 23-karat gold dust.

Verachi has also made the most expensive luxury bottle. The bottle called "Tributo Modigliani, Diamond Sterling"  is made of Platinum, Silver, Gold and 6,000 diamonds. The estimated value of this bottle 3.3 million dollars.

Replica bottles are also sold through Verachi's website The cheapest replica is the ICE crystal bottle which goes for $275, the most expensive the the Guinness World Record Bottle Replica costs $3,600.

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