A few days ago the subject of the Oklahoma Octopus came up while I was hanging out with friends and family. To my surprise, several of them had never heard of it before. Oklahoma has more than its fair share of scary ghost stories, tall tales, and urban legends, but one mythical creature has been terrifying people for well over 200 years, the dreaded Oklahoma Octopus said to be lurking in the deep of Oklahoma lakes.

Sightings of the Oklahoma Octopus have been reported at Lake Tenkiller and Lake Thunderbird. So that would mean we have more than one octopus living in area lakes. If you're unfamiliar with the legend of the Oklahoma Octopus hit play on the video below from the Animal Planet YouTube Channel. They actually did a feature on the Oklahoma Octopus in the mid-2000's that brought further fame to the freshwater monster.

The creature is said to be the size of a horse or small vehicle, is reddish-brown in color, and has a craving for human flesh. Throughout the years the legend has grown and more and more people have become convinced that something is preying on unsuspecting lake goers and hunting humans who are careless enough to swim far from shore. There have been numerous unexplained accidents, drownings, and persons who have gone missing never to be found again. This has happened at both lakes. Some say it's the Oklahoma Octopus!

According to reports and even witnesses, there have been cases of people who felt as if something was trying to pull them under the water. They struggled to release themselves, most with help. Once on shore, they noticed unusual markings and bruises that look like suction cup markings on their legs and torsos. The same type of injuries or markings one would suffer from if they were attacked by an octopus. Most people don't survive the encounter. Check out the video below for more on the dreaded Oklahoma Octopus. 

There are tons of stories about the Oklahoma Octopus, the legend is over 200 years old and continues to this day. Maybe there is a mythical creature lurking below the surface at Tenkiller and Thunderbird lake waiting to make a meal of anyone unlucky enough to be in the water. This could explain all the mysterious drownings and disappearances that have taken place throughout the years and even up to today.

So the next time you're at Tenkiller or Thunderbird lake, swim at your own risk! Octopus or not more than a few people have met their end while visiting there. If you're into hauntings and urban legends click here for more. Oklahoma has all kinds of ghost stories, haunted locations, terrifying tales, and monstrous creatures.

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