animal attacks

Woman Plays Dead to Escape Buffalo Attack
The woman in this video is charged by a buffalo and she trips trying to run away from it. So she played dead and it actually worked the buffalo lost interest and eventually walked away. She got lucky, real lucky!
Rhino Attacks and Flips Zookeeper’s Car! [VIDEO]
Let's go on safari, it'll be fun they said...Whatever this rhino is pissed off about the car and zookeeper got the worst of it! I guess it hates small hatchbacks, maybe the fact that it's painted to look like a zebra or thought here's my chance at 15 minutes of internet fame.
Never Try To Eat a Live Octopus!
I love fresh seafood as much, if not more than the next guy but this is going too far! A woman in China accepted a viral challenge to eat a live octopus and stream the action live.
The Cutest Animal Attack Ever Caught on Camera!
This little piggy didn't go wee wee wee all the way home. Nope this little guy charged full head on and attacked! Just imagine how it'll act once it's all grown up. A hunting guide found a piglet and held it up for the cameras to see then when he tried to release it, all hell broke lo…
Coyote Attacks Man While Out Hiking NSFW [VIDEO]
I never really thought of coyotes as aggressive, or at least anytime I've ever encounter one they've all been scared and usually ran off as fast as they could. This guy came across a coyote that means business! At first glance it seems friendly, but not really. He remained clam and managed…
Great White Shark Attacks Divers in Shark Cage [VIDEO]
This video show just how fast a great white shark can attack. These guys were in a shark cage when out off nowhere it came in and tried to get the divers in the cage. This will give you a whole new respect for the great white shark. I had no idea they could move so fast! If any part of their bodies …
When Turkeys Attack!
With Thanksgiving on the way and we prepare for our annual feast, it's only appropriate that we take a moment to recognize the majestic turkey and all it's sacrifices. I love this time of year and Thanksgiving is the perfect kick off to the holiday season! My mouth is already watering with…

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