A Lawton man was attacked by a snake while visiting a friend over the weekend and the incident was captured by a doorbell cam. Jerel Heywood was stopping by to see his friend Rodney Copeland and when he tried to open the screen door a snake pops out and bites him on the face! This is the stuff of nightmares!

The snake was wrapped around the porch light out of view and attacked as soon as he was in range. Luckily the snake wasn't venomous, however Jerel went to the hospital and they treated his injuries. More than likely with all the recent rains it was trying to get somewhere dry and decided the porch was the place to go.

While I'm not a 100% sure, we've been hearing that it was a bull snake. A decent sized one too, around 5 foot 5 inches long. It's scary if you've ever been bitten by a snake, even if you know it's not poisonous. I've been bit several times, including bull snakes. Normally they aren't that aggressive, but if you mess with them or scare them they'll bite and yes it hurts! The video is going viral and the story has been covered by local, area and even National news. I'm sure Mr. Heywood didn't want to be known for this, but Lawton is on the map and the coverage of his unfortunate meeting with Jake the snake even includes CNN.

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