The other day, Critter and I traveled down to Dallas to run an errand and ended up seeing some things and eating some other things. In the comparison between In & Out versus Whataburger (in which Whataburger was the obvious victor) I talked a little about the South Texas eateries I experienced when I moved out of my own little Mayberry town in Northern Oklahoma. One such example was Golden Chick.

It actually came up in conversation because, well, I talk about how amazing it is, and we don't really have one readily near for Critter to try... so, naturally, we loaded up again and made the drive to Wichita Falls just so Critter could sample the legendary tenders and gravy. Needless to say, he was a little hesitant when we finally got sat down at the table.

"Does fried chicken even go with country gravy?"

Golden Chick (2)

Umm... Yes. It goes very well with country gravy.

When I was younger and my parents had the occasional meat on hand for dinner, my Texan mothers go-to for preparing it was "chicken fried." You can chicken fry pretty much anything. In fact, if you think about it, just about everything that is fried is chicken fried. Steak, schnitzel, chicken of course, shrimp, bacon, beer, even ice cream... and what goes best with something like a chicken fried steak? Country gravy. The simplest way to stretch your food portion size on the ultra cheap. I still like my moms often hastily thrown together lumpy, almost gelatinous preparation of it, but the somewhat thin, watery instant stuff works too. Just don't skimp on the pepper. If it's not going grey from the pepper, you haven't ground enough in.

While I won't make any statement quite like "Golden Chick is the best chicken in the world," because, come on... Chick Fil A holds that title... sometimes you just can't beat a Lone Star tradition of tenders and gravy.

If you want to try a little Golden Chick, and you should... The closest location is in Wichita Falls. There's also a fantastic "never failed me" spot in Childress, a location in Sulpher, and a few in OKC. The moment you get the chance, order some tenders and gravy. It's so good you'll be soaking up the last of it with the Texas Road House caliber hot roll that comes with it.

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