A new training class at the Lawton Police Academy is in session and on Wednesday some of their newest cadets were put through their paces at various locations throughout Lawton. These cadets have actually completed their training, and the handlers of Lawton's four newest police dogs put their charges through their final tests  at the McMahon Sports Complex throughout the day.

The four new canine officers will be assigned to assist field officers and investigators in drug detection and apprehending suspects who attempt to hide or flee from officers. The canines and their handlers recently returned from training and this was the first time trainers had a chance to drill their new four-legged partners at the softball fields at the McMahon complex.

photo courtesy of ThinkStock/Getty Images/Hemera

The LPD has been looking to add new canine officers for quite awhile as they were "short-pawed" due to regular animal retirement and just a shortage of qualified dogs. The canines are essential to the investigating process as the average dog has a much greater ability to sniff out narcotics outside that of humans. This allows for better detection, and helps investigators build stronger cases, taking criminals and dangerous narcotics out of the community. K-9 officers also help keep protect officers during arrests, and the incoming class of canines looks to be an incredible asset to the Lawton Police Department.

photo courtesy of ThinkStock/Getty Images/iStockphoto

sources: KSWO news, Lawton Police Department, the Lawton Constitution

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