Close to a million DUI or DWI arrests are made in the United States every year. But we guarantee that this will be the only such arrest you read about involving a zebra and a parrot.

Jerald Reiter of Dubuque, Iowa brought the zebra and parrot, which he keeps as pets, to a local bar. (No, that’s not the set-up for a joke.) Informed that the establishment has a strict no animals policy he retreated back to his pick up truck, with his exotic friends in the front seat with him.

As he started to drive out of the parking lot he was pulled over by the police. Reiter had been doing a little drinking before going to the bar, and blew twice the legal limit in a field sobriety test.

Reiter claims that he had realized he had too much to drink and was about let a passenger take the wheel when the police arrived. (Does he mean the zebra? The parrot? That would be interesting.)

The cops weren’t buying it, and he was charged with DUI.

The animals were released to his girlfriend, who he lives with. Vickie Teters talks about her unique pets, which appreantly go everywhere with her and Reiter, below.

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