How many times have you logged on to the local weather stations live stream and seen a barrage of comments like this... "What about Warr Acres?" "What about the Elgin?" "What's going on at Sheridan and _____?"  I've seen it. You've seen it. You may have even been one of the poor souls that has typed something similar. It's amazing how many people can't look at the broadcast map and see exactly what is happening in their location. Call it map illiteracy, call it technological laziness, just don't call the meteorologist for play-by-play just for you.

Everyone should know how to read a map. Life isn't as simple as asking Siri or Bixby, it takes a minimum amount of knowledge. Besides, who wants to rely on someone else, the weather guy in this case, to relay that information to you? Trust us, if you're area isn't on the broadcast, you're fine. Due to the popularity of online streaming and cord-cutting, TV stations are foaming at the mouth for a chance to make the weather seem little worse than it actually is. If you've lived here long, you know this.

Before Spring really hits us with the serious stuff, you might study up on what your location looks like on the map. Comanche county is four from the right, second from the bottom. Kinda square with a little kicker out of the Southwest corner. Know it. Memorize it. Use it.

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