Show of hands... Who was expecting a package to come in before Christmas, but it never made it to the door? Sure, most retailers like Amazon and others will instantly refund your money and/or ship you a new package, but it's aggravating.

I know my mother ordered some fancy sheets for my sister, they didn't arrive until after new year's. The same goes for a single, factory Suzuki screw I needed to complete the dirt bike I gave him for Christmas. It was a $17 screw... a single screw... but at least they eventually came in. That's not the case for at least 600 packages in the OKC area.

In a giant turn of weird trends, reddit was full of stories last December about package dumps being found all over the country. In some states, these illegal and unethical parcel places contained thousands of packages that either went undelivered or were stolen by the delivery driver and/or accomplices in some weird random gift heist.

I'm sure that if enough people traveled the rural areas that get very little traffic on a regular basis, I'm almost positive you could stumble into a situation like this in every county in every state in America.

The simple truth is as online shopping has grown over the last few years, parcel delivery hasn't. That's not to say companies like UPS and FedEx along with the US Postal Service haven't added delivery drivers... Even Amazon owns and operates their own delivery service now... but it's all been done to a minimum standard.

A business needs to operate right at the minimum level of employees to maximize profits, but even then, most businesses make cuts to further boost those revenue gains by sacrificing every person they can. After all, it's cheaper to pay the overtime of ten employees rather than opt to provide benefits to the needed fifteen.

Eventually, one of two things happen... Either the current employees burn out and move on to a different employer with the promise of greener grass, or they suddenly lose any care they had for doing the job in the first place... That's what I suspect is at the root of these package dumps being found all over the country.

An overloaded driver given the task of delivering triple the amount of packages in the same day looks at the clock after a fourteen-hour shift and thinks "I should just ditch these packages and go home."

Most people will read that and insist they would never do that themselves, but it's hard to armchair-quarterback a situation without being in that same mindset. As if they've never given up in the middle of a project before... Overworked and underappreciated sure makes for new chemical processes in the human psyche.

If Lawton has a package dump like this, odds are it'd be either way out in the county off some dead-end dirt road. Maybe at the end of one of the forbidden roads in the refuge. Heck, there could be a cache of undelivered packages inside the Central Mall, nobody knows what exists where people don't go.

In any case, odds are if you experienced this problem over the holidays, I hope you were able to catch a fix from whoever you purchased from. If not, I certainly wouldn't do business with them in the future. Fool me once type stuff...

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