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Today’s the day! We are *live* on Kickstarter! Link in bio for your very own Burrito Pop.

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You may or may not know it, but the humble burrito is the single greatest food delivery system in the short history of our old world. I'd challenge you to mention a single better method for eating. You just can't beat wrapping a bunch of good stuff in an edible tube... except, it's not always the tidiest method for eating the especially messy stuff. For instance, my buddy Justin invited a bunch of us over to enjoy his mothers signature Southern Cali burritos once, I'll tell you straight up, if you've never eaten a burrito akin to the size of a small baby, you just don't know the struggle. It was delicious, but messy, and any burrito enthusiast will tell you, unless it's covered in chili, you're not aloud to use a fork. So how do you deal with messy burritos?

Toss that bad boy in a tube.

I understand that it looks a little weird. It's the same reaction every human has when they see something new... but this little weird chapstick tube for burritos is brilliant. Even if your burrito is the messiest ill-wrapped bundle of goodness you've ever made, the entire mess of it is contained in this flesh-vessel. When you get to the end of your meal, you make like it's a pringles can and turn that bad boy up and let all the stuff that would normally find a home on your shirt now slide down your face-hole like a savory dessert. Win-Win.

Here's the catch... it's not available yet, but it is on Kickstarter and currently goes for $28.

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