Trudging around the aisles of the huge supermarkets of America, searching for the rare but key items we always require is, quite frankly, a pain in the rear. Then we heard about the perfect solution: The new ‘Man-Aisle’ featured at Westside Market NYC’s store on the corner of Broadway and 110th Street. 

Located right next to the beer section, this aisle stocks all the “manssentials” — chips, dips, steak sauces, men’s toiletries and of course, alcohol. George Zoitas, the store’s CEO, wisely adds that this manspace “..helps [us] remember what [we] need.”

Finally, the end of those god-awful “she-lists” are in sight. Well, we fully endorse this idea. In fact, this ‘Man-Aisle’ thing should spread to the office, subways, airplanes and the movie theaters!

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