A protest on Saturday that ended up really hurting a Houston restaurant has now turned a negative, into a positive.

This past Saturday, a protest was held outside of the doors of Miller's Cafe over in Houston. The restaurant (like every restaurant in Texas) is asking patrons to come in wearing a mask. This upset a group of folks this past week and they decided to protest outside of the restaurant.

They got their American flags and started chanting 'Boycott Millers'. This obviously really hurt their business on Saturday, one of the more popular dining nights of the week. However, the city of Houston came out to support Miller's Cafe on Monday after the video went viral. The restaurant says 400 people came out for lunch, wearing masks of course. The Mayor of Houston even came in for a burger to show his support for the restaurant.

The Mayor even tweeted about the restaurant and said everyone should come in for a meal. The owner Jonathan White told the Houston Chronicle “I want everyone safe inside. I cordially invite the protestors to come and have a burger with us. You know? I have nothing against them.”

As I have stated many times before, these are private businesses that are enforcing these rules. If you do not like the rules, go somewhere else. Several businesses here in Wichita Falls have dumb policies that I don't agree with so you know what I do? I take my money elsewhere and I suggest anyone else do the same. Don't throw a temper tantrum like a two-year-old outside of business because you didn't get your way.

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