Apparently, there's been a study performed by the national lawn and landscape company LawnStarter that ranked America's largest cities by the glamour code and OKC came up near the bottom of that list. How or why a lawn mowing company is doing market research like this is beyond me, probably for webpage views and such, but we'll dive down into this one.

As you may or may not know, Oklahoma City - AKA "The City" - is our capital and biggest city here in Oklahoma. It's also the home to almost all of the stuff bored and boring people want to do. Our only professional sports team is there, Bricktown, a stellar zoo, one of the largest science museums in the country, etc... but it's all lame-stream because it's in what outsiders call "Flyover Country."

Before you start to assume it, I'm not about to tell you why OKC isn't a "lesser glamorous" city in the USA. It is. It's a fair title. If you've ever lived and driven through there off the beaten path, you'd know it too. Just like Lawton, the diversity there is very odd. You'll be driving through the depths of what people call a "ghetto" and drive up to the back gate of a neighborhood filled with half-million dollar McMansions. Where small businesses owned by locals are set up randomly along semi-traveled roads some will see on their way to the huge corporate stores that they don't get to shop with regularity. Rough roads that seem to tear up cars in all the neighborhoods that the local elected politicians don't live in. Aside from the OKC Thunder, Woodcraft, the stockyards and Bricktown, OKC is essentially the bigger Lawton. I can appreciate it not being thought of as glamorous.

Tulsa scored higher on that glamour list, but Tulsa is far smaller, and the people there put an emphasis on making things look good. Not so much Tulsa proper... it's the outlying suburbs that have all the aesthetic draw. Restored downtown areas, a bustling small business economy, a political system that doesn't profit massive kickbacks from the purchasing of a local mall (probably).

All in all, at least we're not Corpus Christi. They scored all the way at the bottom even though, in all of the United States, it's the only place to score good Tex-Mex. The taqueria's just aren't "attractive" enough for the highfalutin constitutions of the lawn care experts at LawnStarter.

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