As winter turned into spring this year, things surrounding the pandemic were just starting to look good for America. The number of new cases kept going down, it really seemed like we were going to put a stop to this whole covid thing... and then the CDC said "If you've had your vaccine, you don't have to wear a mask," to which so many people heard "you don't have to wear a mask."

Restaurants opened their dining rooms back up, businesses took down their mask requirement signs, public gatherings started happening again, everything started to feel normal again... Fort Sill hosted a big concert, there was another planned and canceled at the last minute due to the weather. Rodeo stands filled with people, churches filled again with people, and it was all good for a short time... then came round number two of a disease that some still have no intention of admitting it exists.

Over the last two weeks, Oklahoma has averaged about 1200 new cases each week. Lawton alone, according to Google map, has averaged 230-ish of those new state cases each week. I think the tide has turned on people being able to call themselves victims at this point. We can blame the Chinese government all we want, but as we were doing so great only to throw caution into the wind, the blame seems to lay upon our own feet now.

Blame distrust in the government.

I get it, when a politician at any level says "It's for your own good" it's probably better for their own self interests. Politicians lie, it's what they do. This is super evident in remembering when the CDC said early on that masks aren't required, you saw so many people in masks. And when they finally admitted that masks were the #1 way to avoid it, people fought those masks and straight refused to be given advice. When advised to be social distant, the people grew closer. People begged for a vaccine until one was available, then fought it having come about so quick. It's amazing that meth made in a port-a-potty is thought of safer than a lab created vaccine... and here we are, waiting for the inevitable to happen. More tyrannical legislation is bound to arise, things will close off again, people will once again become experts in the field of medicine on facebook, and we'll have to bust out those masks by a new mandate. We can only hope at this point we've learned that twice is enough to avoid repeating history and opting for a third pandemic when it comes around the bend in the near future.

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