Well, once again Mother Nature is getting beyond cold across the Sooner State. With new record cold temps and crazy low wind chills, we're all collectively sheltering in our warm homes enjoying homecooked meals.

What's on your plate when the weather gets like this?


It's Oklahoma we're used to it, but it doesn't mean we like it. We're literally the only state in the country that can have all 4 seasons and a monsoon in a day.

Don't like the weather, give it a minute it'll change.

The loaded baked potato is an Oklahoma cold-weather favorite

close-up of a baked potato served with sour cream in foil
George Doyle

With all the cold weather, and more to come our way, I can't help but focus on meal-prepping my next few days with hearty foods that seem universal in Oklahoma.

Stew is another perfect cold-weather comfort food.

Lamb stew served in the white bowls

Everyone has a favorite cold weather meal, what's yours?

I made stew last night so I could be lazy and just microwave my meals for a bit... but even though it's a perfect cold-weather option, it gets old pretty quickly.

All I can think about is other cold-weather dishes like chili, grilled cheese with tomato soup, loaded baked potatoes, and breakfast foods that satisfy any time of the day.

It's the holy grail of cold weather comfort food, the grilled cheese sandwich


But for whatever reason, they always seem to taste better and I seem to crave them more when it's cold outside.

Those are my all-time favorites when it's cold. So what is your all-time favorite cold-weather comfort food? Here are the cold-weather foods trending across Oklahoma's social media right now...

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