You know, I'm not a fan of mandates or the thought of forcing people to do things for their own benefit. That's not how freedom works. Ideally, people would make conscious decisions that would not only benefit themselves, but also others. I think everyone can agree, that's how the world "should" work. Every time that little voice inside me grows to speak about personal liberty and American freedoms, I'm reminded just how stupid the average person is, and for some, forcing a collective hand is probably not the worst idea.

In the latest development of people trusting strangers on social media more than their doctors, the latest craze and so-called miracle treatment for Covid-19 is consuming iodine. Someone posted it on facebook and a bunch of actual and honorary Boomers have spread it across the country because nobody does Google checks on anything anymore.

While the ivermectin/livestock dewormer fad has seemingly fallen out of vogue, probably because it's nearly impossible to procure these days, people have moved on to drinking iodine. The thought is, it's used to sterilize things, why wouldn't it work if you drank it. Which is totally normal, to assume something in your GI tract would totally have a direct effect on your respiratory system. How can someone just make this up?

These ideas are so stupid and far fetched, I honestly believe some other America-hating country out there is spreading this kind of stuff just to hurt us... All the same, people are ridiculously stupid and gullible. It's like we're repeating a pattern that we've already been through.

For instance, in the years prior to the great depression, the US spent far more money on everything except education. It wasn't until the markets crashed and the country hit rock bottom that politicians put an emphasis back on education to lift us out of that situation. That's probably why those of the Silent and Boomer generations were so smart and built such industry, education was the highest priority back then. Skip forward, millions of tiny cuts to educational budgets across the nation and now people are denying solid peer-reviewed science based on politics and religion and drinking veterinary drugs and iodine.

If you're curious what iodine can do to a person, beyond nausea it can cause dangerous blood disorders and kidney failure. If you've been duped into drinking iodine, most commonly sold as Betadine over the counter, you'll have the options of either calling poison control or making your mark on the world through the process of natural selection.

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