Every year, it seems, more and more unethical hunters get popped for poaching deer. Whether they're taking game at night, without a license, or even shooting from a vehicle, Oklahoma's Department of Wildlife officials have zero tolerance for breaking the rules.

It makes you wonder, this day in age, with our vast technologies, why would anyone risk their money, freedoms, and abilities to break the rules? Wardens are equipped with ridiculous tech created to catch those who break the law. Ridiculous night-vision capabilities, remote controlled wildlife, and remote camera systems. Most busts come down to simple, effective good old police work. But what poachers don't count on is the honesty and integrity of fellow hunters.

It's staggering to watch the vast number of game warden reality TV shows on the tube, only to realize a ton of people get popped breaking the law because ethical hunters share that information with the warden service. Naturally, stupid criminals want to boast about their trophies, and those they tell don't hear a tale of hunting, but a confession of criminal activities. It's a cycle. This year, don't be stupid. Know the laws, and obey them. If you do hear of someone breaking that law, don't think of it as snitching... Think of it as helping a fellow hunter learn the rules.

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