Through a piece of legislation called the "Save Women's Sports Act" that sailed through the Oklahoma State House & Senate recently, Governor Stitt has stated he will sign into law a measure that prevents transgender athletes from competing for their gender-elected teams in all high school and college athletics.

It's not a shock that this bill was feverously defended on both sides of the issue, and there seems to be no common ground between the two except that both sides see this issue as an attack on young women in the state.

This is a topic America has been debating for years now and unfortunately, the science hasn't been put to a complete enough test to settle the argument of who's right in their assessment.

In the question "Do trans-athletes benefit from an unfair advantage of having previously been males?" There is no concrete answer. You can look all over the web and find the "science" that backs up however you feel on the matter.

Just about the one thing all the studies have in common is stating that trans-athletes do benefit from an unfair advantage in the early stages of their personal transformation... but that's where the studies branch off into every opinion a person could have.

Some studies say that advantage disappears after a certain period of time during hormone-replacement therapy... The length of therapy time differs greatly per the study, anywhere from one to six years. Other studies suggest the athletic advantage may or may not dwindle at all regardless of hormonal changes.

The Oklahoma Secondary Schools Athletic Association, the governing body for high school sports in Oklahoma, has already established a rule that requires all transgender athletes to complete at least one full year of hormone replacement therapy prior to competing in any female sports. A rule that OSSAA established back in 2015.

There is a growing centered movement of thought that there should also be a third, totally inclusive "open" category of sports specifically to welcome any athlete... male, female, trans, etc... to compete at the highest equal levels, but the number of potential athletes that fit this category would limit availability in high school and collegiate sports.

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