Good news if you, a family member or someone you know has diabetes the Oklahoma House of Representatives pass House Bill 1019 (HB 1019). The new bill would cap the cost or co-pay for insulin to around $1.00 a day, $30.00 a month. The bill also addresses equipment, supplies and even self-management training for diabetics. It passed the House by a (94-2) vote and will now head to the Senate.

If you're diabetic you know all too well how expensive insulin and all the required equipment, testing and other supplies are. Not to mention management check-ups and regular doctor visits. A lot of people are worried as the cost for not only insulin but health care itself skyrockets. Between insurance companies and pharmaceutical companies health care costs just keep going higher and higher. People are going broke just trying to care for themselves or family members. Most of us are only a health emergency or accident away from bankruptcy and total financial ruin. It's sad that profits are more important than people these days.

It's refreshing that the state and our legislators are doing what they can to assist Oklahomas who suffer with diabetes and other chronic illnesses and conditions. Now that bill has passed the House hopefully it will be brought up in the Senate and voted on sometime soon. As strong a vote as it had in the house, it's looking good that it will pass the Senate and then make it's way to the Governor's desk. Click here to review HB-1019 and get all the details.

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