While it probably ended up in your spam folder, emails went out to Oklahoma natural gas customers over the last few days about the winter price change for the utility.

As it always does, natural gas gets cheap when it's hot and the price spikes during the cold months. It's no different this year, but the actual price of gas is over half of what it was last year in most parts of the state... it really depends on your supplier.

If you're in the part of the state receiving service from Summit, it's a 51% savings from last year.


In November 2022, the unit price of natural gas through Summit was just under 10¢ per ccf (100 cubic feet). They just announced the rate now through winter will be just under 5¢ per ccf.

The price really comes down to decimals and thousandths of cents, but whole numbers will do just fine for the announcement.

Summit isn't the only gas utility provider that announced savings ahead of Winter 2023, OG&E (Oklahoma Gas and Electric) announced an almost 15% cost reduction to their customers too.

Oklahoma Natural Gas also published new pricing on their website recently. Their customers will see savings of +/-50% on gas this coming winter after the Winter 2022 rates stayed sky-high all summer long.

If the weather can just chill out for a few months and provide our typical Oklahoma cold weather season, natural gas prices should fall even further by spring.

It's a small win for most Oklahomans today, and honestly a bit of a shocker given the bold and brutal predictions for how cold and miserable this winter is supposed to be.

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