During the Pandemic years, Sam's Club ruffled a few feathers across Oklahoma by including a $4 fee for anyone who wanted to place an order online and pick it up curbside.

Since curbside had been a free and included option prior with any basic membership, it wasn't a popular move for Sam's, looking like a cash grab in a time of economic downturn.

Skip forward almost two full years to the date, Sam's just announced they're ending the curbside fees for all members, so long as your order meets a minimum amount - same/same as sister-store Walmart.


Free curbside returns on August 19th, 2024.

Your curbside orders will become free once again in August as long as you order a minimum $50 worth of "eligible items" in your app.

While I would assume the "eligible items" are things that are in stock and ready to be delivered the same day, there is a legal disclaimer you're more than welcome to sift through for a concrete answer.

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