The term Boss has been horribly misused when describing an action, person or attitude. We've all seen or heard a righteous Boss moment, an authoritative example of real Boss type behavior. More often than not this word is thrown around without regard to the actual meaning or origin. Sure the proper use is somewhat subjective depending on the individual circumstances and person(s) involved, but to label anything Boss it has to meet certain criteria.

Boss 101: Knowing how to properly use this term will assist you in avoiding an embarrassing, awkward, possibly life changing social situation. To deem something Boss you must witness an event or an action that exhibits skill, finesse, determination and mastery? Did they own what they were doing, was it performed with an attitude of indifference? These are some, not all of the qualities necessary to use the term Boss correctly. What's Boss to some may not be Boss to others. One's family, friends, regional influences and socioeconomic status can and will effect the results. All must be evaluated and carefully considered when contemplating the truth or quality of Boss with regard to others.

Hopefully this helps and furthers your understanding of Boss and it's proper usage. To better illustrate the point I've provided a video that clearly shows an example of real and total Boss behavior. It will cross any age, gender, racial and religious barriers as it's universally accepted AS BOSS! Maybe it's just me, but I find it all funny as hell!

This is Boss on several different levels! First we have the old man who takes the stairs with absolute authority while exhibiting that delightful "Who gives a s#!t" attitude. Then the inspirational 80's music that makes the whole thing come together, this is classic Boss! Both the old man and the video's creators are examples to us all! Rarely do these elements all come together at the exact same time, but when they do IT'S BOSS!

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